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You bring home a helpless newborn, and in a very short time, your baby is a happy, gurgling bundle of joy who responds to his environment. As new parents, you will enjoy the various baby milestones. But you also need to keep an eye on the baby development stages to ensure your baby’s growth and development is going well. Keep in mind though that these baby stages are only references – every baby develops at a different pace.

1 Month Old Baby Development

With your newborn, most days will be filled with feeding, diapers changes, sleep patterns, and responding to crying. But then, your baby will start responding to sounds and your voice and touch. Your baby cannot see farther than 8 to 12 inches, so stay close. He can turn his head to the side when on his stomach, but when he's upright, his head and neck still need support. He can even get his hands close to his mouth.

2 Month Old Baby Development

Your baby can now vocalise sounds, and even follow objects that catch his attention. He will be able to hold his head for a few seconds, and smile at you. His movements will be smoother and more controlled, and he can hold his head at a 45-degree angle.

3 Month Old Baby Development

Your baby will be joyful and fun at this age, as he is able to roll over, and squeal and gurgle. He can recognise your face better, and can also hold his head steady. You may notice that he can now turn towards sounds, and bring his hands together to clap softly.

4 Month Old Baby Development

Your baby milestones chart is now getting full. He can hold his head up steadily, and even bear his weights on his legs briefly. He can respond with sounds when you talk to him, and can grasp objects when handed to him. He can roll over comfortably, and you might spot to beginnings of the first tooth.

5 Month Old Baby Development

Your baby will discover his own hands and feet, and find them very amusing. His res ponses will become more clear, and he may even recognise his own name. As his facial recognition becomes more distinct, he may experience anxiety with strangers. Since his teeth will be coming in, he will try to soothe his gums by biting everything he can hold.

6 Month Old Baby Development

Your baby will be able to sit for a few seconds now, and turn towards sights and sounds. In fact, he may lunge fearlessly towards anything that interests him. He can imitate sounds, and may be mouthing words, albeit a little incoherently. He will begin to drag himself towards any objects of interest.

The journey from this point on is equally rewarding, as your baby learns new things. And you will be right there next to him, encouraging his development and enjoying his growth.

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