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Are you suffering from parental fatigue?

Parenthood, as seen on television shows or commercials, is all about smiling babies, happy parents, beaming joy, utter bliss, fun activities, and great vacations. Despite the fact there is certainly a lot of joy involved in parenthood, feeling tired, exhausted and physically and emotionally drained are few of the new parents' most common whinges. The massive physical challenge of pregnancy, childbirth, and meeting a new baby’s needs can make it even more trying for new moms.

There are a few common issues most new parents face, but usually hesitate to speak up about them, because societal expectations pressures them to not complain about sanctified parenthood.

Post-Partum Depression (PPD)

It is a normal physical and mental condition faced by many new moms, and can cause anxiety, lethargy, frustration and depression. One misconception about PPD is that it only lasts for the initial few weeks of the baby’s birth. PPD can actually last for quite a long time, and if left unaddressed, can accompany you throughout your child’s teenage years. In addition to all the new responsibilities and exhaustion linked to new parenthood, it can increase depression too. Other physical problems that new moms face include anemia, thyroid and vitamin or calcium deficiency. If you feel that symptoms of PPD, and other physical ailments, are getting worse for you, visit your doctor as soon as possible.

Relationship Woes

The first thing affected by this new phase of life is your relationship with your spouse. It faces enormous pressure. Lack of communication, loss of confidence and happiness can intensify the issue, and you will have more fights with your spouse than before. This can harm your overall well-being as well. Schedule some alone time for yourself, and agree to not talk family or baby stuff during that time. This will help you reconnect as a couple.

Physical & Mental Exhaustion

Keeping in mind that baby care requires almost all of your time – the demands of feeding every hour, diaper changes, and being held – you can experience severe fatigue. This can directly reflect on your mental health as well. This is the time when the emotional strains of parenthood might outweigh the emotional rewards of having a baby. Get help with the physical chores, and make time for yourself to indulge in your favorite activities regularly to keep your body and mind relaxed.

Parenting Cause Financial Constraints

The cost of giving birth and raising a child is increasing massively, and financially it’s becoming a burden to have a child. But most parents try to balance this out by reminding themselves of the emotional rewards of being a parent.

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