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Staying Calm with a Fussy Baby

Your baby’s first cry might be the best voice you have ever heard. This cry actually soothes your anxious mind that your baby has arrived healthy in your arms. But this first loving moment with the cries of your baby ends as soon as they start crying on the top of their lungs often, any time of the day or night.

Your stress can easily be passed on to your baby, because they sense how you are feeling. That is why you must work to control and decrease your stress. Healthy baby development requires a calm and peaceful environment.

When you are stuck in such situations, it is more important to take control of yourself by developing some strategies of calming yourself first, and then trying different ways to calm your crying baby.

Seek help

Know your limits, and signal yourself when you are going to lose control. Don’t give yourself a dose of guilt by thinking that your parenting skills are not good enough. Parenting is not about being perfect, and you need help at every step of the way. Reach out for support from your partner, relatives or friends.

Take deep breath and a break

Focus on breathing deeply to calm your nerves. If nothing is working, take a break. There is nothing wrong in leaving your baby in a safe place, like a crib, and moving out of the room to calm yourself. Use these few minutes to relax your stressed nerves and think sensibly. Now go back to your room, and pass your positive and relaxed energy to your new born.

Go out in fresh air and sunshine

Go out, and take your baby along. The fresh air and sunshine will not only calm you, it will also help pacify your crying baby. If the weather is good, take a brisk walk with your baby in the stroller, or go for a quick drive.

As a final word, take care of yourself, as this is the only way you can take care of your demanding baby. Meet your friends, or go for pampering spa and beauty treatments. This will give your otherwise tense brain a good dose of relaxation.

Following these steps and others can help ease your stress, and let you enjoy all the great things of being a new parent!

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