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Fun Activities at Baby Bath Time

Babies love to get messy while playing, and more than that, they love to take baths. As they grow, their love for bath time increases, especially when they learn to splash water, make bubbles, and kick up a storm in the bath tub.

Besides all the fun, bath time is also an opportunity for bonding and learning for you and your baby. Why not make baby bath time special for your giggling bundle of joy, not only with quality baby bath time products , but also with games and activities to increase bonding and the learning of important skills? A fun bath time can also help calm your baby, help them sleep better, and enhance their development.

Here’s a list of safe and enjoyable activities to do as your baby gets fresh and clean.

Crazy colors

Boost your baby’s motor and creative skills by letting them play with finger paints in the bath tub. These are easy to wash away, and your baby will love to make a masterpiece of their own. You can make your own finger paints by mixing cold water, corn flour and food colors.

Bath puppets

Make baby bath time an entertaining one with the help of bath puppets. They are easily available in supermarkets, or you can make them by putting a sock or handkerchief on your hand. You can use them in a lot of creative ways. Create a bubble wall and make the puppets pop out of them, while making different sounds. Talk to your baby through these puppets. This way, they will not only learn new verbal and hearing skills, but also to interact socially.

Water balloons

Fill some balloons with water and some with air, and let your baby find the difference. Also, splash the balloons in a tub full of water. You will hear the best of giggles ever.

While having all the bubbly fun with your little one, don’t forget the safety measures. Never leave your baby unsupervised in a bath, and take the baby along if you need to attend a doorbell or call. Check and maintain the water temperature before putting your baby in the bath tub. Take extra care on the wet or slippery floor while you are taking your baby out of the bath.

Enjoy the fun time with your baby. And to learn more about the importance of a regular bath time routine, see here.

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