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Your baby starts growing and developing from birth itself. Once you are home with your new baby and settled in, you can experience the joy of watching your baby cross various development milestones. Every baby is different, and they develop at their own pace. There are no absolute parameters for development, but there are some average timelines for your baby’s growth.

As your 3-month-old baby grows and experiences new things in the environment around, watch out for these developmental milestones:


3 Month Baby Physical Developmental Milestones:

  • When you brought your newborn baby home, you may have noticed that the baby is easily startled by loud noises or lights. This is because your baby is still getting used to the new environment. For a 3-month baby, however, this reflex should be minimal, or completely gone.
  • 3-month-old babies are able to hold their neck. Although they may still be wobbly, they do have the strength to hold their neck up when you hold them upright.
  • You will see much more physical activity, as your baby stretches the hands and legs, and kicks the air with more strength.
  • You will notice that your 3-month baby can now hold things for a longer period. Your baby can reach and grab things sometimes, a sign of hand to eye coordination. Just be careful what is within the baby’s reach, as it will most likely go straight into the mouth.
  • As your baby’s internal systems develop, you will notice that sleep time becomes longer, for a good six or seven hours. This is good news as you can get some more rest yourself. If you do hear sounds in the middle of the night, ensure that you check on the baby. Sometimes, babies will just cry for a few seconds, and go right back to sleep, so you don’t need to pick them up and feed them immediately.
  • You and your 3-month-old baby will have developed a proper feeding and sleeping routine, which will allow you to plan your time more effectively too.

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3 Month Baby Social Milestones:

Your 3-month baby’s senses are now developing incredibly quickly.

  • Your baby will now be able to hear your voice and even follow the sound.
  • Your baby can see better, which allows a better understanding of and reaction to many gestures. You will notice this when you smile at your baby, and you get a smile in return.
  • You will observe an increased interest in different sounds. From the sound of your voice to music, your baby will show you the likes and dislikes. Rattles and other toys introduced at this time will be fascinating for your baby.
  • Bright colours will become more attractive. Different toys will now catch your baby’s attention, and you will see an effort to turn towards them as well. Make sure you give your baby the space to move the body, as this aids in physical and mental development.
  • Your baby will try to make sense of what is being seen, so you will notice that when you look at your baby directly, you will get stared at with great concentration. Not just that, your baby will also react. Your baby will smile back at you, and cry only due to discomfort, hunger, or due to lack of attention.
  • For other needs, your baby will make different sounds, like cooing or ah-ing. At this stage, it is important to talk to your baby, as they start to decipher the sounds into words, and associate them with action. This will help develop language and communication skills.
  • Excessive crying for a 3-month-old baby could mean that your baby has colic or is experiencing some other issue, so make sure you keep a close eye on this.

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Missed Milestones?


As mentioned before, every baby is different. Don’t panic if your 3-month baby does not reach some of these stages of development. Wait for a little more time before you consult the doctor. Talk to your doctor only if your 3 to 4 month old baby can't support his head well, can't grasp objects, doesn't smile, doesn't react to loud sounds, or ignores new faces.


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