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Summer is an exciting time for you in general, but as a new parent, you might be clueless about how to take care of your baby during their first summer. As summers are long and hot in our part of the world, there are a lot of precautions you need to take in order to keep your baby comfortable and healthy.

Good ventilation & temperature control

While you are staying inside during long and hot summer days, don’t tempt to underdress or over dress your baby. Choose pure cotton materials for baby skin care[link], and avoid fancy silky materials, as they can lead to rashes on delicate baby skin[link]. While outdoors, prefer full sleeve shirts and long pants, as the baby’s delicate skin can get sun burnt, or the baby can be bitten by bugs. Never leave your baby in a hot room or parked car, even for few minutes.

To avoid sunlight, put adjustable sunshades on your baby’s car seat, and invest in cute colorful cotton hats, and a pair of quality sunglasses for your little one.

Baby bath time routine & skin care in summer

For a small baby, bathing with mild and gentle baby bathing products daily is important. Change your baby’s diapers as soon as needed, and clean the area properly. Apply nappy rash cream if there is some redness or irritation in nappy area. Also, don’t forget to clean baby’s skin folds, as they are more prone to rashes. And don’t forget to moisturize your baby’s delicate skin with lotion or oil. Their skin is thinner than your own, so moisturizing it often is important.

Starting your baby’s first swimming lessons is a very exciting time. Buy good swimming diapers and glasses for the baby, and massage with a mild and gentle baby lotion or baby oil after bath. Don’t forget to use suitable sunscreen before a swimming session or going out.

Food & Hydration

It is important to keep your baby well hydrated during the summer. An exclusively breastfed baby doesn’t need water to stay hydrated, but will need more frequent feeds. If your baby is on formula milk, give water to keep them hydrated. If you have started solids for your baby, make sure the food is fresh, and feeding pots and spoons are properly cleaned. A leak-proof sippy cup is very handy if your baby is learning to drink liquids.

With careful preparation and a bit of caution, you can make your summer enjoyable with your new baby, whether staying inside or enjoying outdoors.

Have a happy summer!

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