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First time parents? Get ready for the rollercoaster journey of parenthood

Becoming parents for first time is a life-altering experience. The joy, pride and happiness you experience is incomparable to any other experience in life. Along with all the blessings of being a parent, there are countless instant and long-term sacrifices you will make. No piece of advice and amount of time spent babysitting your nephews and nieces will prepare you for actual parenting, until you are in the thick of it. Though you will swap your freedom, ambition and lifestyle with countless hours of feeding, soothing, changing, and bonding with your baby, believe me, you wouldn’t want it any other way.

Being prepared for the joys and sacrifices to come will reduce the stress for new parents.

Sound Sleep

That’s perhaps the most predictable sacrifice you are going to make after your baby is born. But the real catch is that the occurrence of sleepless nights won’t end soon. Be it a growth spurt, teething at 6 months, wet diapers, or over activity at 12 months, baby sleeping habits are not going to settle any time soon.

In order to get uninterrupted sleep, establish a baby sleep routine that includes baby bath, baby massage and lullabies. Babies thrive in routines, and by establishing a baby bedtime routine, you will instill a great habit for life.

Career & Finances

It seems obvious that to take care of a little baby, one parent needs to be there all the time. Usually, it’s the mother who has to sacrifice her career by working fewer hours or leaving the job. Even if you stick to your job, in today’s competitive corporate culture, it can be difficult to rise up the career ladder with a small baby, who needs your attention for healthy and happy baby development.

Though this is stressing for finances, as well as your ambitious self, your time spent helping and watching your baby grow is worth it. Babies grow real fast, and the moments you can enjoy with your baby now will not last forever.

Me time

Now that you are employed 24/7 as parents, having ‘me’ time, or taking care of yourself, seems a long forgotten dream. Your privacy, which you held dear for the major part of your life, no longer exists as a parent, and becoming too focused on your baby seems very logical. While you might be leaving your partner’s needs and your social life behind, don’t compromise on ‘me’ time. It is the best treatment you can give your tired body and overwhelmed mind. Taking time away from your baby, and spending it on your favorite activity, will not only make you happy and healthy, but will also reflect on your baby’s emotional and mental development.

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