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When can your baby start eating solids?

As your little munchkin is growing, and their feeding and sleeping patterns are almost predictable, your expectations are increasing, and you are waiting for your baby to accomplish more exciting milestones. One of the biggest milestones of baby development is starting solids, and as a parent, your eagerness is obvious.

Is your baby ready to eat solids?

You might be laden with different opinions and suggestions from friends and family about starting solids. Some people suggest to start solids as soon as the baby crosses the 4-months mark, while others argue that you should not introduce any other food except breast or formula milk before 6 months of age.

The fact is, there is no perfect moment to start solid foods for your baby. You might be ready to give your baby the best possible start with a set of cute little dishes and countless nutritious recipes in your mind, but your baby will direct you when he or she is ready for the big step.

Here are few signs to look for. Start solids when your baby is:

  • Sitting without support and is able to hold neck and head
  • Taking interest in your food, and opens mouth when you show food to them
  • Can pick up and hold a small chunk of food
  • Double the birth weight
  • Hungry even after drinking milk
  • Has the oral motor skills needed to move food to the throat and swallow it

Watch the baby, not the calendar, to start introducing solids, but your baby must be at least 4 months old to start tasting new flavors. If you feel that your baby is ready for solid food, here is our expert guide. Starting Solids?  Take the Easier Route

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