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Expecting a child is one of the most rewarding and life-changing experiences someone can go through.  

The reward is doubled when you are expecting two babies! If you are suspecting that you are twice as pregnant, continue reading this article for some indicators and extra information on a twin pregnancy.

Twin moms can relate to the following symptoms that might indicate you are having twins: 

1- Morning Sickness: 

Some mommies who are expecting multiple children claimed to have more severe morning sickness or morning sickness that lasts later in their pregnancy. Because morning sickness can differ from person to person and from pregnancy to pregnancy, it can be challenging to create a baseline.

If your nausea and vomiting persist until your 14th week of pregnancy, you may be carrying more than one baby. However, if it persists longer, you would need to consult with your doctor. 

2- Fatigue:

Another very early pregnancy indicator is fatigue. You might start to feel worn out in the first several weeks, and occasionally even before your missing period at 4 weeks. Your ability to get the typical amount of sleep may be hampered by elevated hormone levels as well as potential problems including disturbed sleep and increased urination. Again though, there's no way to be certain if the exhaustion you're feeling is due to a single pregnancy or multiple pregnancies.

3- High hCG: 

That pregnancy test only just came back positive after being dipped in pee. Yes, it can indicate you're carrying multiples! Even several mothers of twins said that the digital tests revealed they were further along than they actually were (possibly because of higher hCG levels, the human chorionic gonadotrophin hormone, produced by the placenta).

4- Showing a Bump Early On: 

You're only in the first trimester and already showing? That tiny bump may indicate that there are two or more babies developing inside.

Although some women who are carrying twins claim to start showing earlier, the exact time depends on the individual and the pregnancy. Many women who are pregnant again start to show sooner.

5- Experiencing Early Symptoms 

Even though you're only a few weeks pregnant, you already feel queasy, have a sharp metallic taste in your mouth, and you heave when you smell coffee. Well, these early pregnancy symptoms may indicate the presence of two developing babies.

6- A Gut Feeling: 

Sometimes, your gut just screams out two or more babies. You simply know. 

7- An Ultrasound: 

Despite the possibility that the aforementioned indicators indicate a twin pregnancy, an ultrasound is the only reliable way to confirm this.

Around 6 to 10 weeks into the pregnancy, some doctors arrange an early ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy or look for problems. You will have an anatomy scan scheduled between 18 and 22 weeks if you don't get an early ultrasound.

You'll be able to know the number of babies you're carrying after your doctor has access to the ultrasound images.

Chances of Having Twins: 

There are 32.6 twins for every 1,000 live births, according to the CDC. The number of twin births each year is influenced by a wide range of factors. Your likelihood of having twins can be increased by elements, such age, genetics, and fertility treatments.

Types of Twins: 

There are two types of twins: Identical and Non-identical.  

When a single egg is fertilized, it later separates to two eggs, producing genetically identical twins. If your twins are identical, you will have two girls or two boys because identical twins are always of the same sex.

When two distinct eggs are fertilized and then implanted into the womb, you will have non-identical twins. They are no more alike than any other pair of siblings than these non-identical twins. The majority of twins are usually not identical. 

Getting Ready to Raise Twins: 

It can be both incredibly gratifying and quite difficult at times to raise twins. The following are some preparations for parenting twins:

Work on improving communication with your partner. Maintaining a healthy relationship requires communication. Discussing and sharing your ideas and expectations for the future can be one way to overcome various potential obstacles.
Check out our breastfeeding resources. Breastfeeding your twins is beneficial for both you and the infants. Ask your midwife for assistance or a lactation specialist.
You and your partner will experience an overwhelming feeling of being busy as twin parents, so having the support of family and friends will be helpful.

In conclusion, while early pregnancy symptoms cannot ultimately confirm whether you are carrying twins or more, there is a chance that you have one the jack-pot with two or more babies when you experience some of the symptoms listed here. To confirm, routine prenatal visits to the doctor as well as medical tests need to be conducted. And no matter how many babies you're carrying, always talk to your OB-GYN about your worries, and look after yourself. We are rooting for you, mama!  

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