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Starting Baby Solids? Take the Easier Route to Baby Food

If your baby is showing all the readiness signs, and you have got a ‘go ahead’ from the pediatrician, here is how to start the transition.

Introducing Food

Start with any pureed solid food, preferably single grain cereals mixed with formula milk. To make eating a happy and healthy routine for your little one, keep the process stress free and fun. Introducing solids for the first time is a fun process of exploring new flavors, textures, and smells for mommy and baby. Don’t force your baby to eat.

Your baby might take a spoon of something one day, and reject the same food the very next day. Initially make your baby taste half a spoon of the food. This phase is especially significant, as you will get to know what kinds of foods your baby likes, and if there are any digestive or allergic responses related to any specific food.

Making a routine

After making your baby familiar with new tastes and different ways of eating, it is important to establish a routine of feeding them solids. Choose times when your baby is particularly calm and relaxed. Make them sit in an upright position in your lap or in a high chair, and don’t offer solid foods immediately after they had milk.

As they start taking solids, try to give them a variety of foods. It will lay the foundation for healthy eating habits for the future.

What to Feed Your Baby

You might be famous for your great cooking skills in your family and friends circle, but cooking for your baby requires a lot of patience and experimentation. To begin with, the solid food for your baby should not be really solid. Keep it watery and soft for your baby’s gummy mouth. Introduce one kind of food at a time, and look for any signs of discomfort. Also remember that milk should remain the major nutrition source till 18 months of age.

After initial introduction and testing, you can mix different foods and make purees for your happy little foodie.

If, despite all your enthusiastic efforts, your baby is not showing any interest in solids, don’t fret, and remember ‘Food is fun until your baby is one’. Also be prepared for a huge mess, as more of your baby's food will end up on the floor than in the mouth. Gentle baby wipes are a life savior in such situations. Expect changing bowl movements, which, of course, will not be pleasant. But as a mom, watching your baby eating solids is a precious moment, and that’s what compensates for all the effort you put into making it happen.

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