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Anticipating the arrival of your baby boy is a special moment. It's both one of the most beautiful and challenging times! Thinking of a name, decorating your baby boy's crib and planning a baby shower party are some of the little hidden joys in this experience. You probably have some ideas in mind; this guide will help you find the excellent name for your little boy!

Here are some of the most popular and unique boy names in the region and what they mean:

1. Amir

The masculine name Amir means prince or ruler and was used as a title for a leader before it was used as a name. The name also means powerful. Another variation is Ameer.

2. Omar

The name is derived from the Arabic word prosperous, flourishing or long-lived. Another variation of the name is Omair. This is one of the very common boy names in the Middle East.

3. Rayan

The Arabic meaning of the name Rayan is rich in water land. Also means watered, luxuriant or plentiful. Variation: Rayyan.

4. Zaid

An Arabic masculine name which means "to prosper", also spelt as Zayd.

5. Karim

The name means kind, generous and good-natured; could also be spelt as Kareem. One of the boy names that are commonly used amongst Arabs..

6. Zain

Zayn, often anglicized Zane, is an Arabic male name meaning beauty and grace.

7. Jad

An Arabic name meaning benevolent, generous and merciful. Frequently used in the form of the name Jadallah.

8. Adham

Adham is an Arabic male name which means shiny black stallion.

9. Bassam

An Arabic name and a given name roughly meaning "one who smiles". Other variations include Basem, Bassim and Baseem.

10. Jamil

An Arabic given name that means beautiful. Another variation is Jamal which means beauty - also spelt as Jameel.

11. Iyad

The name means reinforcement (something that strengthens another thing), support, powerful person and shield.

12. Noor

Also spelt Nur, Nor or Nour, it is a common Arabic unisex name meaning light.

13. Rami

Rami or Ramy is derived from the verb to throw in Arabic and means archer or good marksman. The name Ramy is one of the boy names that are very popular.

14. Sami

Means elevated or sublime and can also be spelt Samy.

15. Rakan

The name Rakan is of Arabic origin and means knight. One of the boy names that are rare and unique.

16. Sufyan

A common name possibly of Persian origin meaning a walking thunderstorm, sand storm or walking quickly. Variations include Sofyan and Sufian.

17. Hadi

The name Hadi means leader or guide and is of Arabic origin.

18. Nael

A name for boys that means a brave person or a winner. Also spelt Nayel.

19. Yahya

One of the most popular male names in Arabic, Yahya is the translation of John the Baptist and has been used since ancient times. Also spelt Yihya and it means 'he lives' in Arabic.

20. Wafi

Wafi is an Arabic name that means reliable, faithful, loyal and trustworthy. Variation: Wafy.

21. Ehsan

The name is an Iranian variant of the name Ihsan and means charitable in Arabic. It can be used as both feminine and masculine names.

22. Yusuf

A male Arabic and Aramaic name meaning God increases (in piety, power and influence). Other variations include Youssef, Yousof, Yusef and Yousef.

23. Yunus

Also spelt Younas, Younes, Younis or Younus. It means dove or pigeon and is believed to be the Arabic version of Jonas.

24. Yaseen

The opening letters of a Quran verse and a common Arabic name.

25. Ibrahim

Cognate of Abraham, a name meaning "father of many." Abraham's original name was Abram, meaning exalted father.

26. Yazid

An Arabic name that means God will increase. Other variations include Yazeed and Yazed.

27. Abdullah

A variation of the name Abdallah, commonly used in the Arabic language. It means servant of God and is one of the very loved boy names in the GCC area.

28. Nouh

An Arabic equivalent of the name Noah, meaning rest or repose.

29. Naji

An Arabic male given name, which is derived from the Arabic verb to survive.

30. Talal

The name Talal is an Arabic name that means nice and admirable.

31. Muhammed

Is an Arabic name that means the praised one or worthy of praise. Also spelt Mohamed and Muhammad. Mohammed is one of the very popular boy names in the region.

32. Ali

One of the boy names that are popular in the region is Ali. It’s a male Arabic name derived from the Arabic root that means high, elevated or champion.

33. Ahmed

Is an Arabic name that means the most praised one or worthy of praise. Also spelt Ahmad. Like Mohammed, Ahmed is one of the most used boy names in the Middle East.

34. Tariq

The name is derived from the Arabic verb meaning to strike and into the agentive form striker. A common variation is Tarik or Tarek.

35. Malik

A status name from a title meaning king, lord, ruler or chief. A common variation is Malek and it is considered one of the most unique boy names in the region.

36. Khalid

A popular Arabic male name meaning eternal or immortal. Variants include Khaled and Kalid.

37. Aziz

The name means Beloved, Honorable. It has multiple Islamic meaning. The name is originated from Arabic. The lucky number of the name Aziz is 4.

38. Yaser

The name Yaser means easy and smooth and is of Arabic origin.

39. Naser

One of the boy names that never get old, Naser means one who gives victory.

40. Asem

The name Asem or Assim means the one who is a protector or a guardian.

41. Rashed

This name derives from the Arabic word meaning rightly guided, the guide and righteous. A very popular boy name in the GCC area.

42. Tamer

A given name and surname of Turkish origin, yet one of the most common boy names in the MENA region, and it means a competent soldier in Turkish.

43. Murad

An Arabic name that means will, purpose and wish. Variation: Morad.

44. Hashim

An Arabic name that means breaker and brave destroyer of evil. Variation: Hashem.

45. Salem

The meaning of the name Salem is Peace. It is also a biblical name of an ancient city. Variation: Salim.

46. Khalifa

A name or title which means successor, ruler or leader. One of the very popular boy names in the GCC.

47. Mosa

The meaning of the name Mosa is graceful. The name is also an equivalent to Moses in Arabic.

48. Eisa

The name Eisa means God Is salvation, and it's a form of the name Jesus. Eisa is one of the boy names that are very popular across different religions and beliefs.

49. Zeyad

Means abundance, growth, generous and greater. Variant forms include Ziyad, Zyad and Zayed.

50. Dawood

A name of a prophet known as David in English. Dawood comes from Hebrew origins and means beloved friend.


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