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For centuries, lullaby songs have been a calming way to put your babies off to sleep. We’ve gathered baby lullabies that are perfect for the quiet-time stage of your baby’s sleep routine. Check them out below and play them for your baby!

While your baby doses off (or dances) to the sound of soothing music, why don’t you entertain yourself by reading on to know more about the origins, and significance of these baby lullabies?

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Johnson's Baby Bath Time Song

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Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

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Lullaby Goodnight

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All The Pretty Horses

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Rock a Bye Baby

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Johnson's Baby Bath Time Song

All about bubbles and fun, this baby lullaby is set to keep your baby happy and excited! At Johnson’s, we believe that listening to music regularly helps to stimulate a baby’s brain – especially during baby bath time! It helps them remain relaxed during regular baby bath routine, and that’s what we aim for: bubbles and fun.

During early baby development, babies learn how to produce specific sounds, which is why some adults can make sounds that others can’t. When your baby is introduced to different sounds early-on, they learn to produce them as they mature into adulthood. Hooray phonetics, and hooray baby lullabies!

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star       

You probably knew this baby lullaby when you were still a baby yourself. This timeless lullaby song for babies is a poem born in 1800’s England by Jane Taylor – one of the few remembered female poets of the 19th century, England.

It was published as “The Star”, and what do you know, our eyes twinkle like stars when our babies try to sing it along!

Baby Lullaby Goodnight - Brahms' Lullaby

This can be a challenging baby lullaby to listen to because you’re always trying to keep your eyes awake before your baby doses of. With soothing powers to tuck adults into sleep, this baby lullaby is originally known as Brahms' Lullaby. Brahms composed this song for his friend’s baby. Little did he know that it would become one of the most famous baby lullabies sung to date.

All the Pretty Horses

Also known as ‘hush-a-bye’, the origin of this American lullaby for babies is not entirely known. It’s a mother singing to her baby, telling them that they’ll get all the horses they want when they stop crying and sleep. Sometimes we all wish we could convince our babies to stop crying just with a couple of horses. In reality, however, this baby lullaby helps calm your baby, so your little one sleeps restfully in your warmth. If you’re finding it difficult to get your young one to sleep, read on for tips on how you can create a good night baby sleep routine.

Rock a Bye Baby             

This baby lullaby has many theories around it: maybe 5 different theories with 5 different stories explaining what it truly means. At Johnson’s, the sounds and pitch carry as much meaning and significance as the lyrics of the baby lullabies.

One of the theories suggest that a mother is holding and rocking her baby, and as the baby sleeps, she lowers down her baby to the crib, and so the lullaby goes, “down will come baby”.

Another theory proposes that the poem originates from the 17th century by an English immigrant, who noticed native-Americans rocking their babies, from cradles that were suspended from tree branches, while the babies slept to the breeze.

Why does the sound of a baby lullaby matter?

Dedicated to providing babies with the best growing-up experience, from early baby development stages, until they can crawl and walk as toddlers, we care about the details. During every stage of development, babies are learning. This is why we care about every aspect – from baby products, baby sleep routines to the baby lullaby songs they listen to during different periods of the day.

Singing lullabies to your baby helps strengthen the communication between you and builds a firm relationship. Babies are encouraged to respond when spoken to, and singing a baby lullaby can make your baby ‘babble’ in response. Mimicking sound is an incredible act of early speech development in babies.

Some don’t consider building creativity in babies. This is because they assume that babies are just naturally creative. Yet, singing to babies (just as reading bedtime stories) can help increase creativity levels as well as critical thinking skills. Lullaby songs are poems; thus, they tell a story. As every story has a plot, you can introduce your baby to problem-solving skills in this form of musical poetry.

If your baby’s not asleep yet, how about you sing them one of these timeless lullabies to sleep? We’ve placed the lyrics right next to the songs, so you can go ahead and sing along!

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