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Make a stronger bond with your baby

A bond is a special connection that you can’t quite define. It is a feeling, emotion and attachment, all rolled into one. It is beyond definition and scientific variables. And yet, bonding is considered an essential part of baby development. Scientists are still trying to understand it, and have so far loosely defined it is a complex physiological process, which transcends the heart, brain, hormones, and even nerves. It has been proven that those children who successfully bond with their parents show increased immunity levels, enhanced IQ, greater confidence, and higher self-esteem. These are basic positive character qualities, and which parent wouldn’t want them for their child?

For some, bonding can happen almost immediately. But for some parents, it can take time, and you really should not worry if you aren’t overcome with a wave of euphoria. This is a natural process, but there are some tips to help you secure that amazing connection.

The sooner the better

When your child is born, ask to have the baby lie on your tummy immediately. This is a great way to boost the bonding process. And in the few weeks to come, spend as much skin to skin time as possible. It will do wonders for the two of you. Don’t forget, the baby is just as disoriented about coming into the world as you are becoming a parent!

Employ your senses

Feeding time should be quiet time. Reserve that time to really get close to each other. A cradle here and a stroke there will help put you both on the same page. Your baby is learning about you as well, through your smell and touch. You can also learn to read your child’s expressions, and open your senses up to gauge what your child is feeling. This will take time, so don’t rush the process. Move at a pace comfortable for the both of you. Even a little baby massage is a great way to interact with each other. Learn a few techniques before you start, as little babies can thrive from the right process.

Balance it out

And finally – get the right balance. You will want to respond to your child’s cries early on, and be a child-focused parent. But if you are at your wits end, that is something your child will pick up. Learn to adapt and relax. As time goes by, you both will communicate better, and the screams will reduce – honestly!

Now that you’ve gone through these short and simple steps, try out these bonding tips with your baby.

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