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Setting a bathing routine for Newborn Baby

Routines are key to raising happy and healthy babies. They provide rhythm and predictability to the otherwise confusing and susceptible world of a baby. Bathing is one of the most important routines, where the parent-baby bond is established, along with developmental support. A soothing and relaxing bath time routine will instill great habits in your baby for years to come.

Baby bath time routine is also an essential step for establishing a bed time routine. After a bath, your baby is relaxed, and will fall asleep easily.

Here are some expert tips to establish a successful baby bath time routine.

  • Preparation for Baby Bath

    Preparing for baby bath is the most essential part. Infant tub, a bath towel, a hooded baby towel, baby soap, soft washcloths, plastic cup for rinsing hair, baby wipes, baby lotion or oil, nappy rash cream, and a diaper should be at an arm’s length in the bathroom (or wherever you are bathing your baby). Keep water temperature at lukewarm, and test it on your inner arm.

  • At Baby Bath

    After preparing everything, take the baby into the bathroom. Don’t put your baby in the water straightaway. First wash baby’s face, hands and feet, and then wet washcloth in warm soapy water, and wash other parts of the body. Pay special attention to skin folds, and clean under them thoroughly. Be extra cautious while handling your wet and wiggly infant, and grasp the baby gently but firmly.

    If your baby does not enjoy a bath, introduce bathing games and make it a fun and special time to strengthen your mutual bond.

  • After Bath Care

    After drying your baby completely with a soft towel, massage your baby with baby oil or baby lotion. Use baby powder sparingly in skin folds, and apply diaper cream before putting on the diaper. Dress your baby in clean clothes, according to the weather and temperature of the room. Your little bundle of joy is ready for a hug and kiss.

For success in establishing a bath time routine for your baby, simply stick to your routine. Bath time can be a refreshing wake-up routine or the beginning of a good bed time routine.

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