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The love you have for your baby has no boundaries, but so does your list of concerns and worries. After the initial exhilarating celebrations of becoming a parent, you will realize that even with all the joys, parenting is not easy, and one of the few concerns is taking care of baby skin. Your baby’s skin is one of the last organs to be developed in your womb, and it takes years to mature, as it continues to develop for the first year. Baby skin is extremely sensitive and prone to all kinds of infections, rashes, and other skin conditions, like acne or eczema.

Baby Eczema

Some skin conditions your baby can suffer from are inherited. Eczema, a skin sensitivity that causes extremely dry skin, is not preventable and can’t be treated, but by taking care of your baby’s sensitive skin through good baby care products in early baby development stages, you can help soothe and get gradual relief for your little one.

Baby Acne

Your new baby might have little zits on the nose or face, which are caused by a hormonal imbalance in the womb. Gently clean your baby’s face with baby soap or a liquid cleanser. If the infantile acne persists, visit your paediatrician.


You may find these flat red areas on skin folds generally, and on diaper areas particularly. These are usually caused due to wet or damp skin, urine or stool not being cleaned immediately, or yeast infection. Change your baby’s diapers immediately, and use nappy rash cream.

Cradle cap

These waxy pink or orange scales on the baby’s scalp are a kind of dandruff, developed particularly on greasy scalp skin. For mild cases, just softly massage the baby’s scalp with baby oil and wash it off with gentle baby shampoo.

Prickly Heat

In humid summer days, your baby’s underdeveloped sweat glands get blocked, and tiny, itchy, red bumps appear. Keeping your baby cool and dry will help the condition.

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