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Give your toddler the chance to experiment

Experimentation helps develop physical skills such as baby muscle development, strength and co-ordination. It also helps develop neurological behaviours such as cause and effect, reasoning and logic. Toddlers spend one-fifth of their waking hours in focused gazing, building curiosity and awareness of their surroundings. Pictures on the wall and normal family activities are naturally fascinating to a toddler. Give your toddler safe toys and objects to explore which will help them in learning the difference between different objects.

The best way you can accommodate a toddlers experimentation needs is to follow their lead and allow them to practice things in a safe environment.

Take it outside

Outside play allows toddlers to explore their environment and learn about something different from their indoor experiences. Take a walk outside and wonder aloud about the trees, the sky, and the stars. Also let your child see you pursuing interests of your own this will engage interest in discovery and education.

Climbing trees, picking flowers and playing in the grass are all important activities for happy and healthy development in kids.


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