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Save your baby's precious memories creatively

There is so much going on during your baby’s first year. Along with sleepless nights, upside down routines and unending feeds, you will experience great joy seeing your baby’s firsts. The first smile, first laugh, first baby bath, first crawl, first word - every first of your baby is precious, and you want to remember it forever. You love to save and cherish each and every moment of your little bundle of joy. These memories are precious, but they fade away, which is why capturing milestones is a much loved task for parents, so that they can preserve beautiful memories of rapid baby development. Along with traditional ways of saving baby’s precious memories, there is so much more you can do to creatively preserve them.

Frame boxes

These are simple, yet unique ways to save and cherish your baby’s first memories. You can creatively arrange your baby’s socks, caps, and beautiful snaps in frame boxes, and then hang them in their nursery or your sitting rooms wall of fame to see them every day. You can even decorate these frame boxes with cuttings from wallpapers, cards, and even magazines. This will not only add value to your home décor, but will also give it a touch of warmth and love.

Another way to creatively cherish your baby’s memories in a box frame is taking their hand and feet prints, and arranging those prints with their first or favorite dress.

Personalized greeting cards & calendars

This is a cute way to not only document baby development stages, but also share them with family and friends. Click your little ones wearing their best smile, and paste the photo on a card. With advanced yet cheap printing technologies, you can create and print your customized cards, adding milestones, quotes, time and date, and so much more.

This way, you can even make a calendar at the start of each month by taking a picture of your baby, and adding dates to bigger sheets of paper. These calendars are not only practical and beautiful, they make thoughtful and valuable gifts for family and friends.

Digital photo frames and online albums

While you are already capturing literally every precious moment or milestone of your baby, it is a good idea to arrange and display these countless clicks in a digital frame. Such frames are easily available in the market, and using them will not only recapitulate all the precious memories of your baby, but will save them digitally as well. You can access and control the display online too. There are also several online services where you can create and save events, experiences, and great memories.

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