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Enjoy your baby's firsts

Getting lost in chores is so easy when you bring home a baby. Having a newborn is a lot of work. Most of the time it becomes so overwhelming that parents entirely focus on surviving the initial days of new parenthood instead of enjoying it. Baby development   happens very quickly - even before you revel in it properly.

The unique bond between you and your baby requires your special attention. So while fulfilling all the responsibilities, pause, and try to do nothing except holding your baby and employing all your senses to appreciate the little miracle you have in your life. 

Here are 3 ways to enjoy the magical firsts of your baby, as they will become memories for a lifetime.

  1. Stop panicking over everything

    With a new baby, it’s hard not to stress. They are so tiny, fragile, and completely dependent on you. But fretting over a teeny sneeze or little cough won’t do any good to you and your baby. Also, new parents stress over a messy home, or not being able to cook. This stress can engulf your senses, and can even lead to phobias. To enjoy the priceless moments with your baby, you need to relax and be present in the moment. By stressing – or I must say, by overstressing - you are not only stressing your baby, who is able to receive stress and happiness vibes from you, but also affecting your own health and well-being.

    With a newborn in your life, try not to over-commit with routine errands and work – instead, spend more time in nurturing your bond with your baby.

  2. Babies need love, not stuff

    Babies outgrow whatever you buy for them really fast. Your excitement and craving to buy each and everything you see in a baby store (or online market) is understandable, but healthy and happy baby development doesn’t require stuff, it requires love.

    Having lots of baby care products is not a wise approach, when you can choose only the best for your baby. Make a list of things you really need for your baby, and stick with it. Having less stuff means less stress. It also means more time and energy to spend with your baby. 

  3. Don’t compare your baby with others

    Your little bundle of joy is a unique person and has his or her own baby development stages. While you love your baby like no one else can, it is hard not to compare them to other babies, developmental charts in the doctor’s office, or standards recommended by online moms’ groups.  Remember, no two babies are the same, and their turning, crawling, teething or talking will happen at their own pace. To enjoy life with your baby, stop comparing them to other babies, and love them unconditionally for who they are. Try to understand their unique strengths and weaknesses, and celebrate them so much more.

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