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Awareness, education, and support


Awareness, education, and support

The words we use to talk about mental health are important.

In the whitepaper Driving progress towards a sustainable and scalable model of mental health by the Economist Intelligence Unit, clinical psychologist Dr Dr. Saliha Alfridi said, "Breaking down of stigma means we need to change our language around mental health and speak about mental health in a way which normalizes it".1

In the same whitepaper, Family Medicine and Occupational Health consultant Dr. Mansoor Anwar Habib stated language as a barrier emphasizing the importance of normalizing and encouraging conversations around mental health 'the more we start nudging people to talk about mental health, the more people feel comfortable talking about it.’1

By educating ourselves and supporting others, we can really begin the conversation. Individuals speaking out and sharing their stories can have a real, positive impact on breaking down existing barrier.

By being vocal, active listening, and daily conversation, we can empower ourselves and mothers to connect and learn about mental health challenges.

Hear from experts across UAE, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait normalizing conversations on maternal mental health and encouraging moms to #OpenUp and seek support

1. The Economist Intelligence Unit. (2021). Driving progress towards a sustainable and scalable model of mental health care. Johnson & Johnson.

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