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Our JOHNSON’S® Baby 2-Step Routine incorporates massage & quiet time which strengthens your bond and prepares him for a good night’s sleep

With over a decade of scientific partnerships with behavior and sleep experts, we know just how important a good night’s sleep is to the overall health, cognitive ability and the mood of your little one, as well as the happiness of the whole family. This is why we evaluated over 80,000 baby sleep profiles, leading to the discovery of the importance of bed time rituals,

Baby Sleep in 2 Easy Steps

The unique 2-step routine from JOHNSON’S®help babies and toddlers 7 to 36 months sleep better

Try it for 7 nights and see what a difference it could make to you and your baby.

Step 2Step 1 – Baby Massage

A soothing baby massage is a wonderful way to make your baby feel secure, loved and ready for sleep.

Research has shown that routine touch and massage improves sleep quality and quantity when part of a bedtime routine.

Massage can also help you recognize and respond to your baby's body language and it's a great way to make your little one feel safe and secure. In fact, research has shown that there are significant health benefits to baby massage, and it's also a perfect time to bond with your baby.

Before you dress your baby for bed, apply a small amount of baby oil or baby lotion like JOHNSON'S® baby BEDTIME® lotion to the palm of your hand and then softly massage it into your baby's skin.

There's no one way to massage your baby—follow your intuition along with the sequence suggested in the newborn, six week plus or six months plus massage guide and you'll soon discover what works best for you and your little one.

More benefits of baby massage

Step 3Step 2 – Quiet Time

After giving your baby a warm bath followed by a soothing massage, it's time to send him off to sleep with a little quiet time together.

Close contact between you and your little one helps calm your baby’s breathing, a great reason for a post-bath cuddle.

Make sure you keep the atmosphere calm and cozy. You can help your baby wind down further by reading or singing lullabies or baby sleeping songs softly. If you choose to feed at this time, be sure not to feed your baby to sleep.


It's best to avoid active play at this time, so your baby goes to bed sleepy but still awake. This will help him learn how to self-soothe and get back to sleep on his own if he wakes up during the night.


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