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We meet and beat the top regulatory standards in the world.

Our Ingredients

All of our ingredients play a key role in making products that are gentle for your baby’s sensitive skin, hair, and eyes. It’s important for you to know exactly what’s in the products you’re choosing for your little one, so we made an ingredient glossary just for you.

Our 5-Step Safety Assurance Process

We are committed to creating the gentlest baby products in the world. That’s why we have developed a thorough process to guarantee the safety and quality of our baby products. If a formula fails any step within the process, we go back to the drawing board.

  • 1. Sourcing Raw Materials


    High quality products start with high quality raw materials. That’s why we thoroughly vet every supplier and only accept materials from vendors that meet our rigorous quality and safety standards.

  • 2. Assessing Ingredients


    The ingredients we receive must be assessed and meet the requirements for safe use in personal care products. We dig below the surface to evaluate impurities and review the latest findings from personal care, food and medicine studies.

  • 3. Clinical Evaluation & Testing

    Once we create product formulas, we test them with volunteers in a lab setting. Our experts test for every likely issue, including skin and eye irritation. As a result, our safety database includes information on a wide variety of formula reactions that help inform every new formula we make.

  • 4. Real Life Use


    We test for ways real consumers use our baby products. That starts with actually checking with you! But we also test our products in the lab under many scenarios- extreme heat, cold, humidity and more- to triple-check safety and consistency.

  • 5. Ongoing Evaluation


    Our finished product is finally available in your local store, but our work isn’t done. In addition to watching for new information, we listen to your feedback, whether it’s via a customer service call or a social media comment, and make updates when necessary so that every product we make is gentle yet effective.

The Science Behind Ingredient Safety

1. Preservatives

Preservatives are an essential part of baby and beauty personal care products. Without them, everyday products you’ve come to rely on could expire within weeks or even days. We only use preservatives with decades of safe use and support from European and other regulatory bodies around the world.

2. Fragrances

Multi-sensory experiences, including scents, play a role in happy, healthy baby development. Less than 25% of the aroma compounds used in fragranced consumer products are suitable for babies and meet our strict safety standards for use in our gentle baby products. Every fragrance we use is free of known fragrance allergens.*


*below labeling threshold defined by SCCS opinions

Our Standard for Natural

Find out more about the standard we use for natural ingredients.

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