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What to Use for Baby Massage

What to use for baby massage?

The act of massaging your baby is a beautiful one. The physical contact allows you to connect with your baby, and the gentle massage makes your baby feel loved and happy.

There are many elements to a baby massage that you would need to consider. First is the oil you will use. Before you apply the oil on your baby’s skin, dab a little on the baby’s hand. Check carefully to see if there is any adverse reaction in 24 hours. If your baby’s skin develops a rash, then avoid that oil. A good baby oil, however, should be compatible with your baby’s skin.


Types of Oil:

There are many oils that claim to offer multiple benefits to your baby. But not all of them can be used for baby massage. Most baby massage products are formulated by one, or a combination of different oils, for a formulation that is beneficial for the baby’s skin. 

When choosing the baby oil, look for a formulation that has special benefits for baby skin. As adults, our skin is thicker and more resilient as compared to delicate baby skin. Some natural oils can be harsh and elicit an adverse reaction on baby skin. Be especially mindful about not using oils that are formulated for adults, on baby skin, as these can cause harm.

JOHNSON’S® baby oil locks in up to ten times more moisture on wet skin than an ordinary lotion can on dry skin. When you use it to massage your baby, you are not only moisturizing your baby's skin, but also protecting it from dryness. This gentle oil is easy to spread, making it great for baby massage.


Setting up the Baby Massage:

Massaging your baby is part of your daily routine. It is important to set up whatever you need before you start massaging your baby. Once you have started the massage, you do not want to stop and leave the baby alone.  

Step 1:

The first thing to set up is the towel on which you will place your baby. You can choose to do the massage standing up or sitting down, so set up the space accordingly. The towel helps absorb excess baby oil.

Step 2:

Set the temperature of the room to a comfortable level. Remember that your baby will be naked and can get uncomfortable if it is too cold. The massaging action also generates heat, so make sure it is not too hot in the room either.

Step 3:

Adjust the environment. Use a soft, natural light, which will soothe your baby and not the eyes.

Step 4:

Prepare everything you will need for the massage at hand’s length. Place the baby massage products safely and securely so you can access them easily. Keep a wipe cloth or diaper at hand, as the baby may pass urine or stool during massage and will need to be cleaned.

Keep a soft towel for wiping excess baby oil off your baby, and your hands, before you pick your baby up. And one to wrap your baby in after the massage. It is important to ensure your baby does not slip out of your hands as you carry the baby over to the bath.


How to massage your baby using baby oil?

Babies are unpredictable. Some babies enjoy massage time, while others do not. Even if your baby may love massage one day, it may be completely different the next day.

Step 1:

Before starting the massage, you must check if your baby is ready for it. If the baby is upset and cranky, the experience may not be enjoyable, and it could be difficult for you. Set up the environment with lighting, and maybe some soft music, and calm the baby down to get ready for the massage.

Step 2:

Start from the bottom and work your way up your baby’s body. So, start by massaging the feet with a little oil, and work your way up the legs, tummy, and hands. 

Step 3:

Turn your baby over and do the back the same way. Be careful as you turn your baby, as the oil will make her body slippery. 

Step 4:

Finally, gently massage in the baby oil on the face, neck and head. Use gentle circular motions for these delicate areas.  Do not rub or brush roughly, as this may cause a lot of discomfort to your baby.

Step 5:

Do a quick check to make sure you get the oil into all the nooks and crannies on your baby’s body. Baby skin has a lot of folds that are easy to ignore, but these are the places that can get very dry. Make sure you also wash your baby properly in these areas.

Your baby uses touch to communicate with you. This is what makes massage time so important between a mother and her baby. The act of massage is a way to use touch to soothe, calm and strengthen your baby. Massaging with baby oil will provide essential nutrition and hydration to baby skin. In some cultures, massage is an essential process, and the benefits of a daily massage have been proven. Massage techniques are passed down through generations. Make massage a part of your daily routine and see the benefits for yourself.

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