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dealing with changing baby habits

Dealing With Changing Habits of Your Baby

There will come a point when you feel you have settled in well with your new baby. You understand her moods and preferences and can deal with her effectively, addressing all her needs. But then, one day, the same things that kept your baby calm will irritate her. She may cry at being swaddled, for example, where just the day before she would fall right off to sleep in the same position.

As a new mother, this can be distressing. But this is perfectly normal. Babies are probably the moodiest of people. As they grow, on a daily basis, their awareness of their surroundings also grows, and as they try new things, they change and adapt their likes and dislikes.

Easy techniques to try every time your baby discards a habit.

Your baby has spent about nine months moving around in your womb. Stillness can seem odd for her. If she seems upset, try moving her around for a while. You can cradle her in your arms and rock her back and forth. Some babies want to be rocked by hand, while others are ok with a rocking chair, so try both.

If your baby is older, you can try putting her on a swing. The rhythmic motion will help calm your baby down.

The vibrating motion of a washing machine or dryer simulates the environment of the womb, so place your baby on top of the appliance and hold tight as she is rocked to sleep. Movement, even in a car, can have a magical effect on your little one, so a short drive around the block will work as well.

Another characteristic of the womb is that it is tight. Your baby will feel secure when held tightly, preferably in a warm blanket. Place her arms across her chest and wrap her up and see how quickly she falls asleep. If you are out, you can use a sling to keep her close and snuggled up against your body to soothe her.

You can even try to simulate the sounds that your baby might have heard when in your womb. She is already used to your heartbeat, so holding her close helps. Some babies like the whirring sound of a fan, while others just like listening to you cooing softly.

Finally, check your baby’s clothes and the temperature of the room as well, to ensure she is completely comfortable.

If none of this works, your baby may have a case of colic, which can be easily relieved by gently laying her face down across your knees, and rubbing her back. If this helps, and the colic comes back, consult a doctor, and also check your own diet as what you eat be passed on to your baby, and maybe causing her tummy pain.

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