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Special care for newborn’s sensitive skin.

About Our Cottontouch™ Collection

Gentle enough for the earliest days of life, our NEW Cottontouch™ products are ultra-light and perfectly pH balanced to your newborn’s sensitive skin. They are blended with real cotton, made with purposeful ingredients, and free from dyes, parabens, and sulphates. Cottontouch™ creates a delicate, soft touch and supports a bond between you and your baby.

Why Cotton?

Cotton may be one of the first things that your baby feels. From blankets to booties, cotton products are beloved for being unbelievably soft, absorbent, and breathable. That’s why we were inspired to include real cotton in our NEW Cottontouch™ newborn collection, specifically designed for your newborn’s skin.

Learn about the Benefits of Cotton with Johnson's® cottontouch™

The Benefits of Cottontouch™

Touch is the most powerful way you can communicate with your newborn. NEW Cottontouch™ products have a lightweight feel to enhance your loving touch.

Cottontouch™ 2-in-1 Bath & Wash has a velvety light lather that rinses easily and leaves behind no unwanted residue.

Cottontouch™ Face and Body Lotion is ultra-light and fast-absorbing to leave your baby’s skin and your hands with a clean feel. It’s easy to apply and keeps your baby’s skin moisturised for 24 hours.

Cottontouch™ Powder is blended with real cotton and absorbs 2X more moisture than regular powder to protect delicate skin from wetness from day 1.

Cottontouch™ Oil is blended with real cotton. Its light-weight formula absorbs fast and protects delicate skin from dryness from day 1.

Cottontouch™ Extra Sensitive Wipes are blended with real cotton. They are as mild as cotton wool and water for delicate skin care from day 1.

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