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Johnsons Baby Product Ingredients


Each of the ingredients in JOHNSON’S® products is included for a specific purpose.

We use the legally required INCI (International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients) nomenclature to describe each ingredient on the label.


Selecting the safer preservatives

Preservatives have gotten a bad rap lately, but they play an important role in product safety.

Think of preservatives as ingredients that prevent spoilage—just like with some foods, we need them to help keep products fresh, preventing mold or bacteria from growing in them. In fact, without some type of preservative system, you’d have to throw away your baby shampoo or soap after only a few weeks to prevent it from getting moldy or risk bacterial infection.

JOHNSON’S® takes a lot of care in figuring out the best way to preserve our products so they stay safe. There are lots of preservatives approved for use by regulatory agencies worldwide (estimated more than 60), but only a small number meet all of our strict requirements for babies.

Every preservative ingredient we use must pass a five-level safety assurance process as well as the JOHNSON’S® BEST FOR BABY™ Standard for safety. When selecting preservatives, we also adhere to other safety steps, including:

  • Ongoing review of the most up-to-date research and available data on preservative ingredients
  • Identifying potential factors that may have an impact on the effectiveness and safety of the product's use, including how it will be used and where it will be stored
  • Evaluating all suppliers of our ingredients to ensure they conform to our high standards for quality and safety.

For more information about the role preservatives play in keeping products safe, take a look at this video.

Your Ingredients Questions Answered

We are here for you.

You can write to us, share your photos with us, complain to us, ask us for advice – and we are here to help.  And no question is a bad question, especially when it comes to your baby and his care. So go ahead and ask us about whatever’s on your mind.

To get things started, here are a few questions we have received recently.

Q.What are essential oils and are they okay to use on my baby?

A.An essential oil is a thick liquid that contains the base aroma of a plant. It is used as a fragrance in many consumer products. While essential oils are natural and may sometimes be safe for adults, they also contain allergens and can be irritants to baby’s skin, so they don’t pass JOHNSON’S® safety requirements or testing. JOHNSON’S® does not support the use of essential oils in baby products or baby oil.

Q.I noticed that some of the natural baby care products I was looking at in the store were different colors and sort of different textures, too. Why is that?

A.What you’re talking about is “shelf life” and it’s important because sometimes a shampoo or baby wash can sit at a store for a few weeks before you take it home and use it. The products that look separated, appear discolored, or have an unusual odor generally indicate an unwanted or unexpected ingredient interaction. Why take the risk? We do not recommend that you use them on your baby.

Q.I assume if something costs more it must be better and have better ingredients.  Is this true?

A.Unfortunately, cost does not necessarily mean that a product has better or safer ingredients. At JOHNSON’S®, we believe in charging fair prices to continue to make safe Johnson’s products available for all moms and babies.

What questions do you have? Send us an email to [email protected] and check back here for the answer.

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