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Through volunteer time, financial donations and skill sharing programs, JOHNSON’S® is dedicated to supporting happy, healthy baby development for kids all around the world. Some of the programs we’re involved with include:

Save the Children – JOHNSON’S® is an advocate for all babies all around the globe. Through our partnership with Save the Children, we can support efforts to create a safe and stimulating environment for babies today and tomorrow to help them thrive.

Our Safety & Care Commitment:  We’ve developed tools that help us ensure that our products are not only gentle on babies, but also gentle on the environment long after you use them. Since many of our products are washed off the body into the local wastewater systems, which then feed into the broader water supply, we seek to understand how our products interact with these water environments using a tool we call GAIA — Global Aquatic Ingredient Assessment™. For more information, visit Our Safety & Care Commitment.

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