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Setting the bed for baby

Setting the Bed

It’s bed time now, and you and your baby have enjoyed your bonding time as you finished her bath. As you place your precious one in her bed, you must be confident that what you have chosen is safe and comfortable for her.

How to set up a crib for my baby?

The crib should be safe and sturdy, adhering to all the set safety standards. The mattress should be firm and fit tightly into the crib. You should not be able to fit two fingers between the mattress and the side of the crib – this alleviates any risk of slipping or suffocation.

Will Crib Toys Ruin Your Baby's Sleep?

Don’t put materials like plastic or rubber in the crib. These can drastically alter the temperature of the bedding, making your baby uncomfortable. A mattress pad fitted with a cotton sheet is a better choice. Just make sure the sheet fits snugly around the mattress, and won't come loose while your baby is sleeping.

Choosing the right baby blanket in the crib

The sheer number of choices when it comes to blankets can be daunting. Choosing the right one for bedtime is extremely important though. For warmth, try to use fleece pyjamas with feet rather than heavy blankets. The bedtime blanket should be light and tucked at the bottom so it cannot cover your baby’s face at any time.

Preferably, don’t put any toys or cushions in the crib with your baby. Pillows are to be used after the age of 2, as per most guidelines, as your little one will have progressed to a bigger bed by then.

Follow these tips and you will have created a safe sleeping environment for your precious one.

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