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Preparing for your baby

Preparing for new things

As the weather gets better, you will want to offer your baby the chance to experience the outside. Fresh air, the calming feel of nature, or even the soothing waters at the beach – these are great ideas for you to spend some quality time with your baby.

But stepping out with the little one is not as easy, as you will realise. Babies can be very fussy and demanding, and you need to be prepared for all kinds of emergencies.

The most predictable situation is one where your baby needs a diaper change. It is easy to miscalculate how many diapers you will need, so always carry a couple more than what you first thought. You may not always be able to find a changing station, when you are outside, for example, so carry a changing mat. A disposable one would work better as you can throw it away without having to clean it after.

Baby wipes are the heroes of a day out. You can use baby wipes to gently clean your baby when you change the diaper. You can also use baby wipes for wiping her face after a feed, or cleaning u any other mess you may come across.</p>

If you are nursing, a sling will help you and your baby to be comfortable. You may not always find a private place with comfortable seating, so a sling helps keeps your baby secure.

A light blanket helps to keep your baby warm if the wind gets chilly. It can also help protect your baby from the sun if it gets too warm. Add in some diaper rash cream, hand sanitizer, facial tissues, plastic bags for disposal, a change of clothes, a couple of our baby’s favourite toys, and you should be good to go.

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