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How to shampoo baby hair?

How to shampoo baby hair?

Your baby is delicate and precious. Taking care of baby’s every need is important and keeping your baby clean is a big part of it. Shampooing, followed by bathing your baby is the key. Read on to know how to wash baby hair and find out what are the best bath products for your baby:

Follow the 6 steps for washing your baby's hair:

  • Step 1: Place your baby carefully on a baby bath bed, and secure firmly.
  • Step 2: Make sure the water is lukewarm, and not too hot, as your baby’s head is still delicate.
  • Step 3: A baby’s hair is soft and should be washed with a gentle product. Use a baby shampoo or a baby hair wash that has been specially formulated for babies. The right baby bath products will keep your baby’s skin safe and nourished.
  • Step 4: Take warm water in the cup of your hand, and gently pour over your baby’s hair. Pour it from the forehead such that it falls behind the head and not on your baby’s face.
  • Step 5: Take only a small amount of baby shampoo. Use gentle circular motions to shampoo baby hair. Use the cup of your hand, or a small cup, to rinse the shampoo off.
  • Step 6: Once all the shampoo has been washed off, carefully lift your baby with a soft towel, and pat dry. Never rub your baby’s head or skin. Always use a soft towel and pat dry.

What baby shampoo is safe?

Baby hair is soft and delicate. The baby hair wash you use must be gentle and caring, and not strip the hair of its natural goodness. Also, the formulation should not be harsh on the skin, or harm the eyes when washing.

In order to ensure you are using the right baby bath products, check the ingredient list carefully to make sure none of the ingredients are harsh or include harmful chemicals.

At JOHNSON'S®, we follow a strict process for ensuring the products we offer are safe for babies. These include:

  • Sourcing raw materials - Safe products start with safe raw materials. That’s why we thoroughly vet every supplier and only accept materials from vendors that meet our rigorous quality and safety standards.
  • Assessing ingredients - The ingredients we receive must be assessed and meet the requirements for safe use in personal care products. We dig below the surface to evaluate impurities and review the latest findings from personal care, food and medicine studies.
  • Testing formulas - Once we create product formulas, we test them with volunteers in a lab setting. Our experts test for every likely issue, including skin and eye irritation. As a result, our safety database includes information on a wide variety of formula reactions that help inform every new formula we make.
  • Monitoring real life use - We test for ways a consumer might use our products. In addition to the consumers who try our products at home, we also test our products in the lab under several scenarios – extreme heat, cold, humidity and more – to ensure product safety and consistency.

What baby shampoo is good for dry scalp?

Washing baby hair is challenging enough, and becomes even more so when you baby has dry scalp. Some babies have dry flaky scalp, which can be caused by a variety of reasons. Some babies also suffer from a condition called cradle cap, which is very different from dry scalp. Cradle cap is caused when the scalp is oily, whilst dry scalp is the result of the skin being dry.

Dry scalp can be cared for by oil that is specially formulated for babies, such as mineral oil. Gently massage in the oil on your baby’s head in circular motions.

When washing, use only lukewarm water, to not strip the hair and skin of natural oils. Make sure you wash the shampoo off completely, as any residue can cause more irritation.

When washing baby hair and skin, use JOHNSON'S® Extra Moisturizing HEAD-TO-TOE® Wash, which has been specially formulated for sensitive baby skin and scalp. The product locks in the moisture for 24 hours, reducing the impact of dry skin. All JOHNSON'S® products are perfectly pH balanced for babies’ delicate skin, and help reduce irritation to skin, scalp and eyes.

After washing baby hair, what baby bath products should I use?

Baby skin and hair is very new and delicate. But you will still find that every baby has their own unique needs when it comes to bath products. Some babies can be allergic to certain ingredients, while others can be sensitive to the fragrance of another.

JOHNSON’S® offers a range of baby bath products that will suit your baby’s varying needs.

  • The NEW JOHNSON'S® Extra Moisturizing HEAD-TO-TOE® Wash has a gentle formulation, making it safe to use for baby’s dry, sensitive skin. Like all the other products, this one is also tested by dermatologists and pediatricians, ensuring that it is safe for use.
  • The JOHNSON'S® Baby Moisturizing Bath helps your baby’s skin and hair retain their natural moisture. JOHNSON'S® Baby Bath makes bath time fun for you and your baby.
  • JOHNSON'S® Baby Fresh Bath has honeysuckle extract to gently cool the skin.
  • JOHNSON'S® Baby SOFTWASH has an extra dollop of baby lotion which not only cleanses the skin, but also lathers up to leave your baby soft.
  • JOHNSON'S® Baby BEDTIME BATH has been specially formulated to put your baby in the mood for a good night’s sleep. It combines gentle and calming aromas that can help your baby nod off quickly.

Free of phthalates, parabens, soap, and dye, all JOHNSON'S® baby bath products keep baby skin safe and protected. All JOHNSON'S® baby bath products come with the extra gentle NO MORE TEARS® formula, which keeps your baby’s eyes safe.

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