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Expert tips to establish a bed time routine for your baby

There is a set of rituals you should follow in order to establish a good bed time routine for your baby. Before following all or few of the rituals, try to make a calm, quiet and peaceful atmosphere at home.

Dim the light, limit activity at home, and set the temperature to moderate and comfortable. Make sure your baby is well fed to sleep uninterruptedly for the next few hours.

  1. Play with them

Choose an activity that is not so vigorous and suits your baby’s age, and do it together. For a small baby, it can be touching her toes and hands spiritedly. The activity will steam off the energy and will help the baby sleep.

  1. Give bath

Give your baby a soothing warm bath with appropriate baby bathing products. Gather and arrange everything that you might need during or after baby bath for a peaceful and safe process. If your baby gets extra active after a bath, or has sensitive skin, avoid bathing every night.

  1. Bedtime makeover

Massaging with baby oil and baby lotion will relax the baby’s mind and body. Brush baby hair and teeth (if any), change diapers and put on pajamas. This will prepare them for the night.

  1. The magic of lullabies and stories

Read a story or sing a lullaby to your baby. This will not only boost baby development and linguistic skills, but will also strengthen your bond with the baby.

  1. Mom and baby mumbo jumbo

Create special words or phrases for saying goodnight to your baby. It will be your own special communication with her and will make bedtime even pleasant.

Stick to the routine you have designed for your baby, and try to follow it, even when you are out on holiday. The routine could take a few weeks to establish, and you will see lots of positive changes in you and your baby after getting a good night’s sleep regularly.

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