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Bath Time Fun Time

As you start your new life with your new baby, you have a lot of ideas and expectations of how things will be. However, not every baby is the same. While most babies love water, your little bundle of joy may not take to water as easily. Fret not.

Establish a routine just before bath time. Dim the lights, put on some music, or sing him a lullaby. This will set the tone for what’s coming.

Even if your baby is not happy with water, you can sponge him gently, because it is essential to keep him clean. The gentle feel of warm water, and your soothing voice, will make the experience pleasant for the baby, and you can slowly ease him into the bathing routine.

Alternate baths with sponging every day. This will help you to understand what is making your baby uncomfortable, and you can then adapt to suit his needs. You may even find that it is not the water, but something else that he does not like – the lighting, the music, etc.

Check that the room temperature is warm enough for the baby. Babies lose body heat very quickly — especially when they're naked — so steam up the room a little before you get started to ensure your baby is comfortable. The same goes for the water. It should definitely never be hot, but just warm enough to soothe the baby.

If there is some music that your baby particularly enjoys, or calms down with, this would be the right time to play it. Combining positive experiences with bath time helps the baby view the bath as a positive experience as well.

Most importantly, always be gentle. Talk softly to your baby, and use a lot of touch. Your presence will calm him down, and this is a great bonding time between mother and baby, so make the most of it.

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