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Toddler Play & Learning

Playtime is more than just having fun with your toddler. It’s a wonderful way to learn to communicate and bond with your toddler while engaging his senses in a whole new way—helping to further nurture his happy, healthy baby development.

Playing with your toddler

It’s normal for toddlers to play and get dirty in the process. Just make sure to gently cleanse your little one with Johnson’s Pure Protect.

Play and Learning

Here are tips to allow your toddler the chance to experiment and learn his surroundings as their physical skills are developed.

Play and Learning

You can take your little one outside, but make sure to take the proper precautions! JOHNSON’S® answers your questions when introducing your baby outdoors.

Outdoors With Your Baby

Time outside is good for your baby’s growth, and it’s vital to know the activities you can do with your little one on each stage of his first year.

Traveling With Your Baby

Traveling with your little one can be challenging, but it would be made easier to know what to do. Here is a guide on how to make your travel enjoyable!

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