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Nursing Pads

Nursing pads (also commonly known as breast pads), are a very useful breastfeeding accessory. Nursing pads can absorb leaks, protect your clothing, and can help soothe sore nipples.

JOHNSON'S® Baby Nursing Pads

A daily accessory for breastfeeding moms

You will fall in love with these JOHNSON'S® Baby Nursing Pads. Not only they offer you complete discretion and comfort but also the softness and absorbance you will regularly need for your breasts. JOHNSON'S® Baby Nursing Pads are useful especially in the first months after childbirth. Due to the surplus produced at this time by the body, milk flows regularly from the breasts or between the feedings of the baby. JOHNSON'S® Baby designed these super-absorbent nursing pads with advanced leakage protection. Shop for JOHNSON'S® Baby Nursing Pads on SOUQ.COM


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