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Baby Shampoo

Whether it’s through using baby body wash or hair wash, create lasting memories for a healthy baby development with our extensive range of baby shampoo products that are gentle to the eyes as pure water suitable for baby, kids and toddlers.

JOHNSON’S® Baby Shampoo

Your baby’s eyes need special attention during bath time and that’s why JOHNSON’S® was the first to formulate products with the NO MORE TEARS Formula. Moms take extra care for their babies’ skin and choose JOHNSON’S baby because it is pH balance and Dermatologist-tested.

JOHNSON’S baby shampoo is specially formulated to be gentle on the scalp, cleaning hair in an effective and safe way, leaving no dryness or residue behind. Johnson's Baby No More Tears Shampoo is free of soap so it rinses easily leaving your baby’s hair soft & healthy. After you apply shampoo on your baby’s scalp massage gently until you have abundant bubbles. Then rinse it well with water.

Shop for JOHNSON’S® Baby Shampoo from SOUQ.COM and you and your baby will create great memories and enjoy bath time. Softer and healthier hair since the first use!


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