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Baby Powder

Keep your baby’s delicate skin comfortable, dry and soft with a scented baby talc from JOHNSON'S®. Create lasting memories for a healthy baby development with our extensive range of baby powder.

JOHNSON'S® Baby Powder

This incredibly soft baby powder from JOHNSON'S® is carefully made to keep your newborn’s delicate skin comfortable by protecting it from excess moisture and leave it soft and smooth. Johnson's baby powder is safe and is made of millions of tiny round slippery plates that glide over each other to help reduce the irritation caused by friction and that’s why moms trust JOHNSON’S® Baby Powder.

With a clean scent, this incredibly soft baby powder formula passed over 30 safety and quality tests. Apply JOHNSON’S® Baby Powder after every bath and diaper change to your little one’s skin so that it provides the soothing comfort your baby deserves.

Powder. Keep your baby’s skin healthy and shop from JOHNSON'S® Baby Powder extensive range that includes JOHNSON'S® Baby Fresh Powder, JOHNSON'S® Baby Powder Blossoms, JOHNSON'S® Baby Powder Superior Moisture Absorption, JOHNSON’S® Baby Powder, JOHNSON'S® Baby Bedtime POWDER™ and JOHNSON'S® cottontouch™


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