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Johnson's® Baby Oil

A baby massage for a bonding experience or moisturizing and protecting your baby skin from dryness. Both are important and Johnson's® Baby Oil helps you create lasting memories for a healthy baby development with our extensive range of baby oil products.

About JOHNSON’S® Baby Oil

JOHNSON’S® baby has developed a range of baby oils rich in natural extracts! JOHNSON’S® baby oils moisturize, soften your baby’s skin and help protect his soft skin from dryness. JOHNSON’S® takes extra care of your baby’s skin with pure mineral oil that forms a silky barrier to help prevent any excess moisture loss. Dermatologist and allergy-tested, JOHNSON’S® baby oil is a great addition to your baby massage routine that will help you bond with your newborn baby. JOHNSON’S® baby oil is easily absorbed and clinically proven as soothing and gentle on your baby’s delicate skin. JOHNSON’S® Baby Oil is key to your baby’s skincare.


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