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JOHNSON'S® Baby  >  Baby Care Products  >  Baby Giftsets & Gift Packs

Baby Giftsets & Gift Packs

Whether it's the arrival of your newborn baby or a baby shower you got to attend to, JOHNSON'S® Baby Giftset and Gift Packs help you create lasting memories for a happy & healthy baby development from JOHNSON'S® Baby.

JOHNSON'S® Baby Giftset

You are invited to a baby shower and have no idea what to take? JOHNSON'S® baby bath time giftset contains: JOHNSON'S® Baby Oil, JOHNSON'S® Baby Lotion, JOHNSON'S® Baby Powder, JOHNSON'S® Baby Bath, JOHNSON'S® Baby Shampoo, JOHNSON'S® Baby Gentle Cleansing Wipes, Free JOHNSON'S® Baby educational booklet. Discover this perfect giftset from Johnson’s Baby complete with all baby essentials ready to be gifted. Shop for this JOHNSON'S® Baby giftset from SOUQ.COM.


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