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Baby Cotton Buds & Balls

Whether they are used for cleaning or drying your baby's gentle ears or nose, use baby cotton buds and create lasting memories for a healthy baby development with our extensive range of baby cotton buds and balls with 100% cotton and natural absorbent.

JOHNSON’S® Baby Cotton Buds

Whether you prefer using lotion, oil or cream after changing your baby’s nappy, all these products require the use of the same thing: cotton! Discover JOHNSON’S® Baby Cotton Buds: very soft and absorbent, these baby cotton buds are very practical when caring for your baby’s delicate skin. For hygiene, they can be used with a cream or lotion: they gently and effectively clean your baby’s face and body. They can also be used to disinfect wounds. JOHNSON’S® Baby Pre-cut Cotton Wool are made from 100% pure cotton that’s why they provide the perfect care for your baby. Shop for JOHNSON’S® Baby Cotton Buds from SOUQ.COM


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