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Baby Cologne

You want your baby to smell clean and fresh with floral and citrus scents? Create lasting memories for a healthy baby development with our extensive range of baby cologne products made with alcohol-free formula and gentle on baby skin.

JOHNSON’S® Baby Cologne

Choose the best baby cologne for your little one and shop from JOHNSON’S® Baby Cologne range that includes JOHNSON'S® Baby Cologne Lasting Blooms, JOHNSON'S® Baby Cologne Morning Dew, JOHNSON'S® Baby Cologne Lemon Fresh and JOHNSON'S® Baby Cologne Floral.

JOHNSON’S® Baby Cologne leaves your baby's skin smelling clean and fresh throughout the day. The alcohol-free formula is gentle enough for your baby's delicate skin and everyday use. Clinically proven mild and gentle on your newborn’s skin, JOHNSON'S® Baby Cologne will help you take good care of your baby. Use it after your little one’s morning shower and enjoy the lovely and wonderful smell. JOHNSON’S® Baby Cologne will help you create incredible memories with your bundle of joy.


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