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Baby Bath Wash

Whether it’s washing or bathing your new-born, baby, kids or toddlers, baby bath wash products will help you create lasting memories for a healthy baby development with our extensive range of baby bath wash products.

JOHNSON’S® Baby Bath Wash

JOHNSON’S® formulated bath washes that will help you and your baby to enjoy bath time and create long-lasting memories. A gentle massage using JOHNSON’S® Baby bath washes will both soothe your baby and cleanses his/her skin. JOHNSON'S® Baby Moisturising Bath containing baby oil gently cleanses and moisturises the skin. JOHNSON'S® Baby Softwash™, with NO MORE TEARS® formula gently cleanses and leaves a pleasant and lasting feeling of freshness.

Your baby’s skin is delicate and can lose moisture faster than adults so JOHNSON’S® developed JOHNSON'S® Baby Bath Wash which is gentle enough for your baby’s skin but also cleanses and protects the skin from day one. Your routine of a warm bath, gentle massage, and quiet time will help your baby sleep better! So, shop from the range of JOHNSON’S® Baby bath washes that are dermatologist-tested will keep your baby’s skin perfectly smooth and fresh.


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